Acrylic 10mm Diamond Plastic Bead Chain Curtain

- Dec 18, 2018 -

Acrylic Diamond Plastic Bead Chain Curtain

Our plastic bead curtain can be supplied in various colors, designs and application, so that evry customers can choose the plastic beed curtain according to their preference. With good drooping, lightness, flexibility shimmer and modern designs, it will easily creat an fationable or ramantic atmosphere.Plastic curtain can apply for window treatments, dividers, wall & ceiling and suitable for both interior and exterior decoration. The luster of the ball chain will remain a very long time.And the plastic also can be used as accesoriesin garment, hand bags, belts, necklace, bracelet, etc. 

1.Material: plastic and acrylic

2.Shape: rounded bead, polydral ball shaped bead, cucurbit shaped bead,warter-drop shaped bead etc.

3.Size:We can be supplied many kinds of size and we also accept customer-made. 

4.Application: It can be used for divider, back wall treatment, celling & window treatment 

5.Place: It is suitable for both interior or exterrior decoration at home, wedding or party.

6.Property: Good droop and transparency,easy installation,moderate price and modern styles. 

Anguo Sorter plastic bead curtain can provid a "shimmering effect", which creating an romantic and warm or fashinable and elegant atmosphere for you.


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