No washable or free washable hotel or office or home curtain is a trending

- Mar 16, 2018 -

      No washable  or free washable hotel or office  or home curtain is a trending.

      While  Anguo City Sorter World Netting is the  factory  to produce the no washable or free washable hotel or office or home curtain .

    Nowashable hotel curtain major function is not to need to wash .

     it is only to keep by tower or drier fan to blow it in several mininuts, for it is made of the metal wire , aluminium wire, the metal wire not need to wash, so the curtain is nowashable,

     the second feature of the aluminium nowashable curtain, it is not rusty forever by the wire texture.

    As time went on, people's pressure from life and work is more and more , we produce the nowashable metal curtain, it is for the trending, hope it can  decrease the pressure.and help the people to beautify your surrounding, for its unique texture, which can be created the elegant and graceful atmosphere.

pls look at the project case as follows, beleive your feeling now!



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